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We specialize in Plastic Surgery, Hair Restoration Surgery and Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments, which offers the most advanced techniques and equipment.

At NIU we have premium facilities, to make your experience comfortable and , highly secure. Our medical and technical team remains in constant national & international training, setting current guidelines on medical treatments and surgical procedures in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Hair Restoration.

Ángel Tobar-Losada M.D.

Due to his extensive preparation and surgical update, Dr. Angel is a recognized specialist in the area of ​​Facial and Body Plastic Surgery.

The development of skills and understanding of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, frames Dr Tobar-Losada as a great passionate about his work, visualizing at all times each surgery performed, as the creation of a fine piece of art.

Diseñada exclusivamente para servicios especializados en cirugía plástica y restauración capilar

Due to his extensive preparation and surgical update, Dr. Tobar-Losada is a recognized specialist in the area of ​​Facial and Body Plastic Surgery, consulted by local and foreign patients, who seek help in the correction of some of the most challenging cases


You, like every patient, are the most important part of our work and at all times you can see that Dr. Tobar-Losada will focus his best effort and more, to help you find your desired appearance without neglecting your safety in the least.


The arrival or appearance of this new strain of Coronavirus that has become a pandemic since the end of 2019, has generated all kinds of disorders for some and new opportunities for others. I do not pretend to be or express my comments as an expert in the field, but as a specialist in Plastic Surgery, adding to the responsibility of respecting each of the patients, medical and administrative personnel that are part of this NIU Plastic Surgery community; taking care of them and taking care of ourselves by meticulously following the recommendations of authorized health institutions and more, seeking to integrate a new preventive routine to counteract or mitigate the possible spread of the virus.

We established protocols in order to protect the health of patients and staff, we have established the following security measures:

  • Use of face masks and mandatory temperature measurement.
  • Disinfection of footwear on sanitizing mat and application of antibacterial gel.
  • The consultations will be scheduled in staggered hours of one hour from each other.
  • Patients will be asked to go unaccompanied for consultation. If the patient is a minor or an elderly person, they may be accompanied by a single person.
  • In the event that the patient requires another person to be present during the consultation, he or she can virtually accompany him through a call or video call (FaceTime, WhatApp or another application).
  • Days prior to surgery, the patient will be asked for the usual laboratory tests and the PCR test for COVID - 19.
  • On the day of the procedure, only the patient can stay, so we will keep their family members informed by phone. In the event that the family member decides to stay during the surgery, they will be asked as well as the patient for the results of the PCR test for COVID - 19.
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